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Press Release: Rushes -Ep

The Wealden combines the creative forces of two of the most in-demand musicians in the UK, composer/guitarist Justin Quinn and vocalist/songwriter Tim Dickinson.  Sought after for their unrivalled musicianship and unparalleled stylistic sensitivity they come together to deliver ‘Rushes’, an EP that presents their own brand of art-pop, avant-pop, art-rock, call it what you will, but at its core lies real, honest musicianship, fearless songwriting and an astonishingly powerful voice.


From My Sign and Lifeline’s post-punk infectious riffs, richly textured melodies and a powerhouse vocal that brings to mind Bowie, Byrne and Bon Iver, to the humour and wit of Boy Band which pokes fun at political posturing; Rushes is a boldly original, lyrically poetic slice of credible rock-tinged guitar pop. It’s the EP’s closer however, Blue and Gold an ineffably moving, sombre ballad that spotlights Dickinson’s staggering depth of voice that goes some way to filling the void left by Jeff Buckley.


Quinn and Dickinson are perhaps two of London's best-kept secrets, yet it is likely you have come across them in another guise. Tim Dickinson is an immensely gifted songwriter and vocal polymath whose background lies in choral music (his classical credits are far too many to mention here). He was the voice of Frank Zappa with The London Sinfonietta and David Bowie in Dylan Howe’s 'Berlin Trilogy’ with Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers). He was praised for his “amazing voice” by BBC Radio 2 in Charles Hazlewoods ‘The Beggar’s Opera: Reborn’ project. He has gigged and recorded with London-based rock band Enamel alongside his own ‘other bands’, Elephant Juice and The Silver Lining.  Justin Quinn is a critically acclaimed guitarist and composer whose very early career lies in jazz.  Versed in multiple plucked string instruments including lap steel and banjo, he is winner of a BBC Jazz Award for Innovation and was described by Mojo as "a startlingly fresh and deeply individual talent" when awarded the Number 1 Jazz Album of the Year in 2005. Aside from his own critically acclaimed recordings, he has performed and recorded with artists in countless genres of music, from Jack Bruce, Tom Hickox, Shpongle, The Webb Sisters  and Leafcutter John, to the Philharmonia, London Philharmonic, Halle and John Wilson Orchestras. 

The Wealden is a new partnership of two exemplary artists who have worked together for seven years and the start of something big.   This, their self-released EP, highlights their virtuosity as musicians, playing real instruments writing real songs; an effortless set of fresh, convincing songs that are at once strange, off beat, bold and beautiful.  

Tim and Justin are joined by Brad Webb on drums and Chris Hill on synth bass (Blue and Gold)

Photographer: Justin Lambert


Music is an art-form, it is our life, our purpose for being, it is what we live and breathe, what we dream about, day & night. It's what we've practiced since childhood and we'll continue to pursue until we run out of breath.